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Agentur TN - Your reliable service partner with more than 15 years experience in sale and transportation planning, shipping and vehicle procurement.

Not all transport is the same. Each sale and each transaction is different and each customer has different needs. We offer customer-oriented transactions, whether it is collection and shipping, whether you are looking for your dream car and which search criteria you have.

The type of collection and shipping that you desire when you have found a vehicle in the USA. Of course, we carry out all formalities concerning export in the USA and import in Europe. We offer you smooth operation from A-Z. Profit from our many years of experience.

An overview of our vehicle services:

  • Collection of vehicles from any location within the USA
  • Shipping from the USA to all over the world
  • Vehicle procurement / Scout Services
  • Export and Import transactions
  • Sales transactions, sale assistance and consultation
  • Trustee Service, Escrow Service
  • Further transport of your vehicle from port of destination to your desired delivery address.

Furthermore, we specialize in the realization of individual customer requirements whether for private or company service which also go beyond vehicle service:

  • Project support and management
  • Global Luxury & VIP Service
  • Organisation, Coordination
  • Procurement